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Floors 4 You - Engineered Care Guide & Solid Wood Care Guide

To retain their original durability and beautiful appearance, Floors 4 You wooden floors should be maintained following a simple regime. We have the strongest floor lacquer on the market, which reduces the risk of micro-scratches – the tiny, irritating scratches that can appear in the lacquer surface when, for example, furniture with worn protective pads is dragged across the floor. Floors 4 You Lacquer makes the surface easy to care for because stains have difficulty adhering. 

Floors 4 You floors are easy to maintain

The elasticity of the Floors 4 You surface treatment is designed to follow the wood’s natural movements between summer and winter, whether the boards are lacquered or oiled. All this means is that a Floors 4 You floor is easy to maintain. Stained products lose their original colour when their surfaces are renovated. This should be borne in mind when maintaining the floor. Materials used for maintenance are uncoloured. Particular consideration must also be given to products with a special finish.

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REGULAR MAINTENANCE Make sure that the surface is free from any dirt or debris that may scratch the surface, by vacuum cleaning or dry mopping. Damp-clean the floor as necessary using a well-wrung mop or floor cloth.

Only dampen the floor slightly. The film of water left by the floor cloth must dry within a minute. Do not allow spilt water to remain, especially on Beech and Hard Maple (Canadian Maple) floors because they are particularly sensitive to moisture.

The frequency of damp cleaning depends on the level of usage and contamination. Note: Never pour water onto wood floors. Use a cloth wetted with water and squeezed dry.

STAIN REMOVAL Remove stains as soon as possible following the advice given below. Use strong stain-removers with care, because using too much or rubbing too hard can affect the lacquer. Do not allow spilt water to remain on the floor, especially on Beech and Hard Maple (Canadian Maple) floors.

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