Floors 4 You Laminate Wood Care Guide

Laminate flooring is virtually maintenance-free. Routine cleaning requires you only to vacuum, use a dust mop, or a slightly damp (not wet) mop and dry with a clean, white cotton cloth.

The only product that you will need to use to clean your floor on a regular basis is our Easy Shine Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner or plain water. NEVER use soap, detergents, wax, polish, oil/oil soaps, or varnish on the floor. Do not use one-step clean and shine type products, or any product that squirts liquid directly on the floor. Do not use any type of cleaning machine such as steam cleaners, buffers/polishers, spray mops, or power cleaners.

Laminate Floor Maintenance

For dry maintenance, use a dust mop, microfibre mop, or vacuum cleaner with soft bristle brush only. Avoid vacuum attachments with ‘beater bars’ or spinning heads, which could damage your floor. Ensure vacuum cleaner wheels are not impregnated with grit; plastic wheels may scratch your floor.


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